Matching Qualified Consumers To Major Insurance Brands

Connecting Consumers to Insurance

We provide a better advertising solution for insurance providers and the least-evasive user experience for consumers.

Compared to traditional networks, our goal is to build solutions specific to the needs of insurance carriers, brokers and agents. At the core is greater fraud prevention combined with a more flexible ad unit to represent your brand in the highest regard. Additionally, our "click-to-view" phone number option allows advertisers to engage consumers in a more timely manner.

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Solutions To Your Pain Points

Click & Call Pricing

Two pricing options to choose from. Pay per click through or per view of your phone number.

Simple Reporting API

Retrieve the data you need, analyze and optimize internally or with your own tools.

Flexible Ad Units

Flexible ad units respond to any device and can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

Greater Fraud Prevention

Our fraud prevention processes eliminate bad sources better than our competitors.


Better engagement, better payment terms and much more

Publishers, generate higher effective earnings per visitor with our integrated click/call platform. For more information or to apply please click below.

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